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How ATZUM Assists Survivors of Terror: A Case Study

“Menachem” is a 13 year-old boy from Ashkelon. Just over four years ago, he suffered acute shock after a Grad missile fell near his school.  Soon after, Menachem began to develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  In addition to deterioration in his daily functioning, Menachem began to have nightmares and became anxious and introverted.  His only regular interactions were with his parents, and he attempted to avoid social situations entirely.

Menachem also found it difficult to concentrate in school, and his grades began to falter.  But he realized how important his education would be in the future and made the conscious decision to overcome these hurdles and persevere.  The only problem was that to do so, he would need a great deal of guided personal tutoring and support in individual learning tasks.  This kind of assistance would cost a great deal money – money his family simply did not have.

Last month, ATZUM stepped in and funded Menachem’s private tutoring.  Menachem’s family can now rest easy knowing that he is being provided with the skills he needs to grow academically.  With any luck, his academic success will give him the confidence to reunite with the outside.

To learn more about ATZUM’s Roberts Project for Survivors of Terror, please click here.

Y&R Israel Takes Home 2012 Non-Profit Advertising Trophy For ATZUM’s “Women To Go” Campaign

ATZUM is proud to announce that collaborator Y&R Israel was awarded the 2012 Effie Award for Excellence in Non-Profit Advertising earlier this month for developing the ‘Women To Go’ awareness campaign for the Task Force on Human Trafficking (TFHT), a project of ATZUM and the law firm Kabiri-Nevo-Keidar.

The ongoing campaign, which seeks to raise public awareness about sex trafficking and prostitution in Israel by exposing these corruptions of human dignity in a public space, features models posing in a storefront as “merchandise” complete with price tags and product information.  Volunteers stand outside to inform startled passersby how they can participate in the campaign against sex trafficking. [Read more…]