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Prostitution in the Country That is meant to be a Light Unto the Nations

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What does it mean to be a Jewish State? Every day, thousands of Israelis and Jews across the world ask themselves this very question. Yet, all too often when answering, we focus on the demographics of a Jewish state as opposed to the values a Jewish state upholds.

When was the last time we asked ourselves, “Would a Jewish state allow men to purchase the bodies of women and children?”

For the past 11 years ATZUM’s Task Force on Human Trafficking (TFHT ) has been working tirelessly to eradicate sex trafficking and prostitution in Israel, and has seen significant changes.  Unlike in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Israel is no longer a major destination for sex trafficking victims.  Israel has established shelters for victims of trafficking and has passed strong anti-trafficking legislation; however, Israel unfortunately has still failed to address the demand for prostitution.

In the country intended to be a “light unto the nations,” the act of purchasing sexual services is legal, therefore, creating a market in which 15,000 prostituted persons, 5,000 of whom are children, are sold daily.  This, plain and simple, forgoes the strong value of what a Jewish state should stand for.

Every day the Task Force works to raise public awareness about the realties of prostitution, and lobby the Knesset to pass legislation that would criminalize the act and provide social services for those who wish to escape the brutal world of prostitution.

Please join our efforts in strengthening the values of our Jewish state.  Even if you only have a few minutes, you can help. Join Project 119 and receive weekly emails from TFHT staff to send to a Knesset Member.  Copy, paste and send. It’s that easy.

These emails are an essential part of our lobbying campaign and encourage the MKs to advance legislation proven to drastically reduce the number of people in prostitution. 

To learn how you can help, click here to join Project 119.  We implore you to think about what a Jewish state looks like, and to work with us to ensure that Israel realizes the dream that it was founded upon.