Peotr Sanevich


Peotr Sanevich and his family rescued two Jews, a sister and brother, who arrived at the family’s Ukrainian farm after escaping death. The siblings, Buzya and David, were first hidden in a pit, then in the house chimney and later in the barn, concealed in a special hiding place that Peotr created for them.

Peotr relates: “The Germans would raze buildings in the area to uncover any Jews. Our neighbors also sheltered Jews, and after someone informed the police, the entire family was killed. We waited for our turn.”

Buzya and David left the Saneviches after two years of hiding and the contact between rescuers and survivors was lost. For nearly fifty years Peotr did not know what became of the sister and brother that his family saved. In 1993, with the help of the Israeli ambassador in Ukraine, the connection was reestablished. Peotr moved to Israel in 2003 together with Olga, his wife, and Rosa, the youngest of his six children. They settled in Be’er Sheva, close to David and his family.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx