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boissevainfamilyBoissevain Family, March 1943 in Haarlem, Holland

In the dark background of the house were the Goldberg family and a Jewish dentist, who hid with the Boissevains until the end of the war.

Click here to read a thank you letter from Esther Boissevain-Grinberg to a USY group visiting Israel.


Thank you very much for the care and love that you provide to a woman who saved my life, Galina Imshenik!

Unfortunately she cannot write and thank you herself anymore. I tell her about everything though. I told her about your warm letters and greetings and about a generous donation made on her behalf.

Your heartfelt attention warms the soul and sustains the health of a 94 year old lady. It will help her stay with us for years to come.


Elena Dolgov

Elena Dolgov was rescued by Galina Imshenik as a toddler in Belarus. She and her husband now care for Galina in Jerusalem


I received the assistance that you have given me with thanks from the depths of my heart. I appreciate your love and your attention.

I would like to wish you health and happiness until the age of 120!

All the best,

Zinaida Kolesnichenko




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