Project 119

Help the Task Force on Human Trafficking eradicate the demand for sex trafficking and prostitution! Sign up with Project 119 to help us pass progressive legislation to criminalize the act of purchasing sexual services in Israel. If you want to help end demand and have five free minutes a week, Project 119 is for you!

Project 119 pairs its volunteers with Members of Knesset to lobby for legislation that criminalizes the purchase of sexual services and decriminalizes their provider. Volunteers send one email a week to their designated MK based on a sample e-mail provided by the TFHT staff. The time commitment is minimal, but the impact is considerable. With your help, this progressive legislation can be made into law and Israel can become a leader in the war against modern slavery. Contact us ( with any questions.

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The Legislation

The bill will criminalize the purchase of sexual services and will be based closely on the Nordic Law, which has been enacted in Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway. The Nordic model criminalizes the purchase of sexual services. It properly understands that to effectively combat sex trafficking and prostitution the demand for sexual services must be addressed. It has proven to be an effective deterrent to potential clients of prostituted women and children. The countries that have passed legislation based on this model have seen significant declines in all forms of prostitution and sex trafficking.

The Legislation’s Progress

In 2008 MK Zehava Galon proposed The Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services and Community Treatment Bill, which was based on the Nordic model. The legislation’s progress was then passed on to former MK Orit Zuaretz. After several years of lobbying, the legislation began to move forward. On February 12, 2012, the Knesset Ministerial Committee voted unanimously to support the proposed legislation and soon after the bill passed its pre-reading in the Knesset. Due to coalition commitments the bill was readily expected to pass its remaining readings. However, the unanticipated early elections ultimately prevented the bill being brought to a final Knesset vote.

Nevertheless, the Task Force’s lobbying efforts created a strong base of support for legislation based on the Nordic model. TFHT is currently working with various Knesset Members to introduce another bill also based on the Nordic model. Moreover, to ensure that this issue remains a priority for the Knesset, the Task Force has continued and expanded upon Project 119. Sign up with Project 119 and join us in this important effort!