Shvitz and Hesed Letter to Sponsors

Below please find a recommended letter to send to people to help sponsor your participation in ATZUM’s Shvitz and Hesed campaign

Dear _______,

I’m eager to tell you about my participation in a fitness-hesed havruta, the ATZUM Shvitz and Hesed benefit to take place Sunday-Monday, October 24-25, 2010, in a number of North American, Israel and European locales. I and many friends of all ages will shvitz by means of running, swimming or biking in an effort to benefit families assisted by ATZUM’s Roberta Project for Survivors of Terror and Righteous among the Nations Project.

Established in 2001, ATZUM has provided over $1.5 million to Survivors of Terror and Righteous among the Nations and their families.

I’m inviting you to be my havruta/partner in this special effort. My goal is to raise the $1,000 participation fee by having nine partners each committing to at least $100 or 250 NIS. In addition, ATZUM will secure matching contributions for every mile, kilometer or meter I endure.

Please become my havruta/partner by making a donation of $100.

How to make your donation and sponsor me:

  1. Go to and complete the short registration form
  2. On the E-charity box account page click the button “donate now”
  3. On the Donate Now page, click “edit” to enter $100 and in the message box, write my name as the athlete you are sponsoring.

Please let me know once you have made a donation.

For more information about the Shvitz and Hesed campaign or about ATZUM’s work visit