ATZUM’s Dedication

In the aftermath of the Carmel fire–the worst natural disaster in Israel’s modern history–that ravaged communities, killed 43 Israelis and burned down 500 million trees, I have received numerous calls from past beneficiaries of ATZUM’s assistance. Initially, they call to express their emotional reaction in the face of this national catastrophe. But mostly, they are calling to communicate compassion for their fellow Israelis, who are suffering in the face of tragic loss. They want to know if ATZUM will be assisting the many families impacted by these fires. …Keep Reading

Yehuda…and Friend and a Hero

YEHUDA: A client, a friend and a hero, an inspiration to those who knew him is no longer among us.

This week we were deeply saddened by the passing of Yehuda, a survivor of terror. After a long year of suffering, Yehuda succumbed to an illness, a condition exacerbated by his injuries that he received during a 1989 terror attack. Yehuda was 43 and is survived by his wife Etti and four beautiful children.

Yehuda’s story is one of great sorrow but great strength and courage. It begins in 1989, when he and his beloved wife Etti were hit by large boulders that were thrown at them while driving in their car Keep Reading