Our Volunteers

Working with ATZUM is a team of volunteer students, professionals and social workers committed to the principle of direct action, and to making a difference in Israel.

ATZUM reaches into the community developing different groups of volunteers. These groups include high school students, Israeli university students and students from abroad, veteran and newly arrived Russian immigrants, yeshiva students, and other interested individuals. The volunteers receive frequent training and supervision by ATZUM staff to facilitate their working a few hours weekly with survivors of terror, righteous gentiles, and with the campaign against human trafficking in Israel.

volunteers_blanketsATZUM’s high school volunteers with blankets donated by a bat mitzvah girl from the US to be distributed to young survivors of terror for Chanukah.

A volunteer social worker writes: “I have been helping the ATZUM volunteers understand what visiting these families might be like; what we are supposed to do when we visit; what we might feel like when we leave; and how to prepare ourselves for entering another’s home. After each interaction, I am encouraged and inspired. Single parent families whose only child witnessed a bomb detonate and wreak its horror; an elderly man who broke his hip and is understandably depressed; an American family who made aliyah and needs Hebrew tutoring; a young boy who lost his father who just needs a good male role model — our volunteers visit them all with commitment and compassion.”

ATZUM supports thoughtful, committed activists who understand that their love of Israel’s traditions is directly proportionate to their resolve to correct them.