Tel Aviv Municipality Addresses Prostitution Advertisement

On February 14th the Task Force on Human Trafficking conducted a seminar for Tel- Aviv Municipality employees about the massive dissemination of business cards advertising prostitution in the city. These cards are strewn across nearly every sidewalk and auto windshield in Tel-Aviv. Although advertising sexual services in Israel is illegal, Tel-Aviv minors on bicycles are paid 100 shekels for every sack of business cards they spread across the city.

As stated by the Tel-Aviv Municipality, the purpose of the seminar was “…to gain a deep understanding of the problems and importance of this phenomenon.” The seminar included presentations from Gili Varon, Director of TFHT, Reut Guy of Elem/ Youth in Distress, and Neama Rivlin, the Executive Director of Saleet, a shelter that assists women who are exiting prostitution.

“There was a great spirit of cooperation at the seminar,” remarked Varon. “The Municipality and non-profits have finally come together to learn about and combat this phenomenon.”