TFHT Co-Executive Director Rabbi Levi Lauer Presents at Limmud

ATZUM Founder and TFHT Co-Executive Director Rabbi Levi Lauer tells us that Limmud UK is a widely diverse, engaging and productive Jewish educational conference. His presentation on the Task Force’s work this past December was attended by tens of people who volunteered to help TFHT’s work after learning of its efforts.

Rabbi Lauer sought to better inform the attendees about the situation of prostitution and human trafficking in Israel and the necessity of non-government organization involvement to effect legislative change. In his discussion, Rabbi Lauer described the development of ATZUM’s work, beginning with raising awareness in Israel through media, then prioritizing the passage of progressive legislation encouraging the enforcement of existing anti-trafficking laws.

It was particularly important for Rabbi Lauer his talk convey that to love Israel is to confront the country’s most egregious problems, and that Jews from the Diaspora are of vital importance in pushing for change. “I think that more people are aware. Getting cooperation from the Diaspora is important. Every Jew in the world who cares about the destiny of the Jewish people should take this seriously.”