Elizabeth Strul

Elizabeth Strul (Nikopj) lived with her family in Iasi, Romania. In June 1941, there was a terrible pogrom in the city. In one day 15,000 Jews were killed. Upon hearing of plans to carry out the pogrom, Elizabeth ran through the streets of a primarily Jewish neighborhood to warn the Jews to escape. She hid Jews in her house for two weeks, and led other Jews to a lone house in the outskirts of the neighborhood, where they stayed until the situation calmed down. Many of those who listened to her warnings were saved. When Jews were sent to work camps, Elizabeth endangered herself by providing food and clothes. She was once caught doing this, and was beaten and imprisoned for a number of days. One of the people she saved recalls how Elizabeth used to wear a yellow Star of David as a sign of empathy.

After the war, Elizabeth married one of the people she rescued. In 1963, the couple moved to Israel together with their son.