Jadwiga Szaft-Suchodolska

Jadwiga Suchodolska lived with her family in the village of Krzynowloga Wielka in the county of Przasnysz, Warsaw district. One night in 1942, somebody knocked at the door. It was Michal Szaft. The Suchodolskis had been acquainted with his family before the war. Michal said he had managed to escape from the ghetto and asked for help. The Suchodolskis hid him in a covered hideaway in the hayloft. 
They brought him meals three times a day and Michal stayed there until the liberation in January 1945. When he came out of the shelter, he fell ill and had to remain with the Suchodolskis. One day, a group of Polish nationalists entered the house and took Michal with them with the intention of murdering him. Michal luckily escaped and returned to the Suchodolskis. After a time, Michal and Jadwiga married and in 1957 they left for Israel.

On July 15, 1975, Yad Vashem recognized Jadwiga Szaft- Suchodolska, her father, Adam Suchodolski, her mother, Stanislawa Suchodolska, and her brother Stanislaw Suchodolski, as Righteous Among the Nations.

(Excerpt from “The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations”, Poland, Yad Vashem Publications, p. 765)